I like to travel. I like to see places and experience different life styles. Although work takes majority of the time in my life, I like to squeeze out some for travel. Be it hiking, camping or just visiting tourist places, I don’t like to lose any opportunity to interact with a different ways of life. Work and studies have made me travel to different places. I have spent time on the west coast, mid west and on the east coast in the US and you won’t believe the striking dissimilarities I have experienced while living and being a part of these cultures.

Experiences will enrich memories but I will tend to forget the details as years pass. And hence this blog. I am going to try and jot down my travel, for myself- to revive those memories after many years and smile and for people who like to travel like me and would like to know more about the places I visit. Ill try to give the small details to plan the trip which are always useful coming from a person who has experienced that place. Hope you all enjoy the blog and get to travel wherever you like …on the cobbled path