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My wife was away, my roommate was moving out of Boston and it was a long weekend. The stars were lined up to have a bachelor hike. Well, a bachelor hike after you get married is a all together different experience. The destination was set, the Lonesome Lake in the white mountains.


Situated in the ranges of Franconia notch in New Hampshire, Lonesome lake can be reached via various trails. An easy hike is from the Lafayette campground. Other more strenuous hike is from Canon mountain down to the lake. If you map it out, this location is really lonesome and to our surprise there was an AMC hut there.

AMC huts are a group of huts situated in the mountains across the US which you can reserve before and arrange for camping there. We were going for a day hike, so we did not bother reserving a hut, but lonesome lake is the place where you should stay overnight if you want to feel the eerie quietness of nature.



Pit stop

This was my first snow hike. It was cold and we were layered up. No wonder within 10 min of walking we started pulling off our layers. As we started climbing, it started getting warmer. After a lot of stops, it dawned on me that after the big fat Indian wedding, I was out of shape! Slowly but surely we reached the top and there it was.. a vast expanse of snow covered lake quietly situated between the serene beauty of pine trees. The view was mesmerizing. We kept our stuff aside, and spent some time on the lake, walking, sitting and just absorbing the beauty in our minds


Lonesome Lake


Now we were freezing. We could see the hut on the other side of the lake and started walking towards it hoping the hut could give us some warmth before we start to descend. To our surprise, the hut was buzzing with people. A group of ten was camping there that night and had begun cooking their turkey meal. They greeted us with a warm beverage. We were thankful. It was a much needed hot coffee. Raghav grabbed a guitar which was lying around and played a few songs. We joined him on the tunes of the guitar and sang Bollywood songs sitting on the porch.


The Hut

After chit chatting with the family we realized they celebrate their thanksgiving here, on the lonesome lake, every single year, away from the noisy city, amongst the stars, trees and the lake, thanking mother nature for all the blessing she has bestowed on humanity. Its a kind gesture. Definitely the lake wouldn’t be feeling lonesome on thanksgiving.


It started getting dark and we decided to begin our decent. Climbing down was faster and more chiller. But we had with us the beauty of the Lonesome lake and warmth of the friendly New Hampshire people.