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Lexington, MA re-lives the day which effectively kicked off the American Revolutionary War. Every year on patriots day weekend bunch of local untrained minutemen attack the english army which is on their way to Concord to confiscate the weapons, and make them retreat back from Lexington to Boston. Slowly inching ahead, firing from behind the woods, making it hard for the outnumbered RedCoats, these minutemen put up an excellent display of patriotism.

This local reenactment of the famous battle of Lexington is a unique experience and well.. a pretty serious affair. Take a look…



loading the gun


The marching orders



The pep talk before ceasefire


And the locals call it a WIN


This is what I like about the east coast. What could be a more exciting way of teaching history to kids than this. Local audience comprised of a lot of kids and their grandparents telling them stories as the battle progressed. Kids asking a lot of questions, granny’s were re living that experience. The atmosphere was pumped with patriotism and every english man falling down was greeted with cheers. Residents were embracing the history, keeping it alive in their hearts even in this 21st digital century. Freedom was in the air….!!

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