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It is spring time and the security check airport queues are insane. Even though the winter was mild, spring brings a new fresh scent in the air and every one of us wants to get out. The temperatures are warming up and the time is just right for a day hike in the woods.


Not very far from Boston, where Rt1 and I95 cross, is Lynn Woods reservation. After a long busy week, today I decided to get some peaceful time to myself and drove up there. Well, I had asked my friend but he had to play boyfriend for his 1yr anniversary, so of-course he ditched me!

The state park features a relatively big pond on the north end surrounded by trees. Yes you can kayak in this pond. There are a lot of trails on both sides of this Walden pond. If you take the east entrance to the park from Rt 129 and start walking on the right side of the parking lot, you will end up on the overlook trail. The overlook trail begins with a relatively wide fire road, goes alongside the Walden pond and then within a matter of half a mile dives deep into the woods. This trail climbs up to a point where you can get a view of the pond from above. In New England, trails are not marked by placards. The trees are color coded and one has to trace the trees with the color of your trail. I feel this is a great way to bring us closer to the nature and yes it is easy to get lost.


A trail marker in red


Walden Pond

This is a one way trail and hence relatively less crowded. Today it was just me and hence had a great time connecting with nature: squirrels, birds and also one snake. I also saw a tree dedicated to mans best friend.


On the other side of the pond is the stone tower. In springtime this tower is open to climb on the top. This four storeyed tower goes above the tree line, where you get an exquisite view of Boston skyline on a clear day (Yeah, and days are usually clear here unlike San Francisco, so you will always get a clear view!)


The stone tower


Boston skyline from the top of the stone tower

At the tower I met Chris, a solo hiker like me who was exploring Lynn woods! We spent some time on the top of the tower looking at the skyline, exchanged a few thoughts and then greeted Adios! I love such interactions. We probably do not have anything in common (its not silicon valley where everyone is a software guy!) and I very well know that I am most likely never going to meet Chris again. But for those five minutes, we were at the same place, with the same thought in mind: nature is beautiful.