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The real color of Denmark is in its people and the folk high schools.

Very punctual (borderline annoying.. but I would take that anytime over being tardy!!) and super humorous – Danes are the people you should have in your group. These are like coconuts – hard to break in… but super friendly (not saying “juicy” for obvious reasons) once they open up. They take their time to know you. But once they do, it’s so much fun being around Danes! Yeah.. coming from the US, I was expecting a smile or some sort of a greeting from strangers while walking on the streets of Copenhagen– but all I got was stares and a couple of middle fingers after I accidentally stepped in the bike lane!


Copenhagen – Nyhavn

Copenhagen is all about bikes. Danes take biking seriously. So seriously that after asking why electric bikes are not seen as frequently as regular ones, the response I got was that the culture is to see an electric biker “unfit” for regular biking. Yeah.. bikes are a prestige issue in that part of the world. Denmark’s problems have even surpassed first world problems – these guys have traffic jams on bike lanes and running out of bicycle parking spaces!

Another unique aspect of beautiful Denmark countryside is the folk school. As they describe it – folk schools are the schools which cannot be described. So let me try to  do my best to describe them. I had a privilege to stay at Ostersoen folk highschool for a week. These are “open syllabus – open age group” schools where life skills are taught – and there are no exams. This sounds perfect isn’t it! No exams, no syllabus – and you get a certificate at the end! …and there is no catch! Seriously! (Except that you have to sing everyday!


Beautiful Sunrise from Ostersoen Folk Highschool

Everyday we had a morning assembly after breakfast. Then we started our day with a song! Danes like to sing. They sing when they are happy, they sing when they are sad, they sing when they are in love and they even sing when they are mad (wait.. did I just compose a song!!)  ..Oh I loved singing with Danes! I might start singing Bollywood 90s songs every day when after I wake up!

(these videos are recorded by Jimmy from Ostersoen folk school as a part of Unleash 2017)


Aarhus – The 2017 cultural capital of Europe